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Monday, April 30, 2018

Completed Renulank's Spring Doily 2018

Yes, it was lots of tatting on this last round.
Thanks again to Renulek's kick start to spring with her yearly tat a long doily

The sun was going down when I finally took the pictures, so this is better color with a small stream of light.  Also have been making little shuttles 
to order when it wasn't raining.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Renulek's Spring Doily Tatting

48 repeats total, at 15 minuets each if not counting any mistakes.
I am enjoying this round and it fits well.
Many spring things done around house and yard, sorry just one picture this time.  Take care and have fun tatting :) 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring Doily 2018

Been busy this week and with some shuttle making, and was very glad that this round went by very fast, if you haven't done this one it is a good fast round.  Only problems was going to fast and skipping a ring.
My husband got this book and he reads it to me some evenings (while I tat) Its great fun, and can order on Facebook
I love this folklore :) 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frywolitkowe Spring Doily Round 11

I am hoping next round of Renulek is a little less intense😩, or I may take more than a week to do it.
I do love to pin it out, really didn't need to do this, this time and didn't last time. I just enjoy straighten it up.
I now have color decisions to make by tomorrow! 
Oh yes another look a my ice drop from Margaret she has information on the pattern on her blog, by clicking on her name.

Well I have to quickly make a decision about the colors of the upcoming outer rings. Keep in mind colors are wet and are a wee bit brighter.

Hope this post finds you all well and happy😊

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hens and chicks frame with Liz Metallic threads

I am working on a "Fabric Book" and thought a melallic frame might work with this little iron on picture I had.
Diane sent me samples of thread and 5 yards just made it!
I use color 314 Mocha Brown.  Also plan on using some mistakes I cut away and ribbon 

 Here is the pattern, One shuttle, all inner rings are 2 double stitches picot 1double stitch picot 2 double stitches, close ring. always connect picot to next ring.
Top and bottom rings are: 4 double stitches and picot 4 ds. and close ring. then make enter ring and back up to top large ring of 4 connect to (4p4) then 2ds and the p. separated by 1ds and 3ds picot 4 then close ring make another inner ring and back up to final top ring of 4p4. then more inner rings. 
 This actual frame is not perfect the side outer rings are not quite centered but the pattern is correct. I will be making more of these and Robin did a great review on all the colors, so far I can only add one thing, to get thinner thread like 40, I will try to separate the strands for thinner thread and see  how that works out.

Have a great week tatting away :) 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Tiny Lacy Taj Mahals

With 24 little yellow motifs on last round, I realized there are 2 little tiny Taj Mahal's on each one. I have to do six a day and 3 days of 8. 
Lots of flipping on these but I am enjoying this, I seem to have the number count down and brain is not messing it up, so far :)
Renulek's Spring Doily 2018 
Well don't they remind you of the Taj Mal?  The rounds are getting tricky and first day it took me 2 hours to complete my 6 little buildings.  I did complete 6  motifs today in 1 hour and 50 minuets, I think that is as fast as I can go. 

So with my spare time I have an idea already for a mini project that needs one of these colors.  Another wonderful gift I received from Diane, she has introduced me to many things, click here to check out her blog.
Thank You :)

I found out in a scary way when I over wound a shuttle! (which you are not supposed to do for many reasons) 
It came apart and none of them were ever glued together.  All are well made and a very affordable price, just got to use a little gel glue

I just used a rubber band to give support while drying
and yes it still is hard to see, this does kind of seem like "Emperor's New Clothes" ha ha ha
Have fun tatting away!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

No, I didn't give up on Ben Flikkert's "Pinecones"

There are 35 motifs, so just plugging away :)
Below is without a flash on camera almost hurts the eyes,
what a difference from the top with a flash, but in real life the yellow is little bit darker. 

Have a great day we have lots of wind outside but it is warm.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Gifts From Blogging Friends Always Fun

This arrive right before Easter and from across the pond, if you feel you have seen some items before your right it's 
 Margaret from Margarets designer cards We are pen pals and I got this on the receiving end :) this time
Thank You tatting things makes me smile :)

Well this gift is a pattern by Sue from Tatting in Grace  she posted on her blog called "Florette Ice Drop" look for March 6 2018 I used a frosty drop but needed to measure my picots more cause it was a bit tight :)
Thanks Sue B. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018