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Monday, April 2, 2018

Gifts From Blogging Friends Always Fun

This arrive right before Easter and from across the pond, if you feel you have seen some items before your right it's 
 Margaret from Margarets designer cards We are pen pals and I got this on the receiving end :) this time
Thank You tatting things makes me smile :)

Well this gift is a pattern by Sue from Tatting in Grace  she posted on her blog called "Florette Ice Drop" look for March 6 2018 I used a frosty drop but needed to measure my picots more cause it was a bit tight :)
Thanks Sue B. 


  1. I am glad it arrived, I was worried that the glass gem might get broken, so I am pleased it arrived safely.
    I have not tried Sue's pattern yet, it's a lovely pattern, there is now a whole range of patterns for ice drops now, you did a lovely job with this ice drop and pretty colour.

  2. Not as good as the the others I think I have to make more to be considered in this ice drop club😁 yes there are tons of patterns like snowflakes!

  3. Lovely ice drop and a delightful yellow color.

    1. Thanks it's that butterscotch if I recall correctly 💛

  4. Olá amiga!
    Oh! que Trabalhinho maravilhoso.

  5. So true & always exciting! I've had many offers for exchange. etc. (including from you), but it's my loss for refusing ;-(
    Charming ice drop

  6. Great gifts to receive!! :)
    You did a fabulous job on the Ice Drop!!!! :) Picot sizes are so hard to guess. I think you did awesome!!! :)

  7. Oh thanks I have studied yours and know that's is where I messed up but I like it and will try again thanks


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