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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sajou Maison's Mail order

This beautiful thread and thread winders are from a place in france called Sajou
I have yet to try just got it today!
they have a little on line museum too.

This center ring is made with one shuttle tatting found in an old booklet, I will try and find the book and name I have forgotten for now.

I am totally fascinated with with one shuttle tatting and thought that Ben Fikkert's  doily was that
but so far no.  I was experimenting anyway at the bottom of upper picture. I like the little square like design.

this is more of a close up of the ring.
Have a wonderful weekend and now I must try something for Easter!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Annie Orr's Baby Cap or Bonnet

Another round finished and only 3 more to go. Unlike doilies is that they get so big and the rounds stay same size pretty much.
Notice the lawn is getting green and it is 72 degrees out yea!

Did finish this round, and wasn't till I viewed this picture I see that I need to add a little chain in the center, ooops!
Little more progress on Ben's doily, I marked where not to connect the rings.
the dark purple and the yellow are only colors variegated.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tips for Renulek's round 9

 Renulek's round 9 more tips
 Start with ring, and hold doily between you and ring like above.

Turn with doily to side like this above to start your chain.  I add a shoelace trick to get the lower chain to lie flat (optional)

Make chain and attach like directions and picture above, still holding doily to side to side finnish top chain and attach.
Then turn doily like below so top of chain is closest to you.

Start last part or chain holding this way.

Make hole at neck between ring and chain.

Pull thread through fix it, and position hands for your chain.

Now flip doily toward you.

Make the long chain attach to previous round. and back up to start the next repeat.
I place the safety pin in to mark how far I go in a day, it makes me feel good to see my own progress. 

I give a little tug on the ring like pictured when I finish a couple of repeats.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Round of Tatted Lace for All

Well this is very delicate and compliments the last round, I do tug rings and chains, after I finish a few repeats to straighten them. This  wonderful doily of Renulek's click here for directions :)

The doily is growing, and this round covers the pattern of the real Porcelain plate. Opposed to the plate below :)

I have begun the next round of motifs of Ben Flikker's doily

This plate is fake plastic but so pretty I use it to give treats for people then know one has to wash and return ha ha.

This tatted ring with cross I won from Tatting Lace In Grace, I wanted to show you all the size of her tatting, I am always fascinated with how small and delicate the stitches are when I see others in person because it looks so big on there blog, I wanted to place it by the shuttle for perspective.
The beautiful doily is actually knitted from our Margaret at Margarets Designer Cards she is another woman of many talents,   What did you use to knit tooth picks ? ha ha.  We had a trade and she obtained this commemorative 1914 Centennial War One for me too :)
Thank You Both :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ben Fikker Doily

UMI and TSURU and tat-ology have started this beautiful doily, I really enjoy seeing there work and hope i can keep up :(  used colors I have, and didn't like the yellow was too bright and too much!

I just cut it out and started over.  The darker pink is size 100 and the new yellow is 50 lets hope I can work this out :)
more on that later.

I love to make this Josephine chain and the shapes are unique and artistic, I believe this is the second time I have use this.   This style of directions is different, in the tatting world they keep evolving and I do have to rewrite them down. glad to have diagram but no numbers beside them :(
Sometimes I think that is what makes tatting hard, like the really old patterns, no diagrams can be a struggle. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tatting With Rhythm and Color Options

Sometimes I start motifs and work with color choices.  Before starting Renulek's doily, this is what I did and love the blue background.

I changed my mind to the grey with variegated, I do like to tat a little something before the big choice is made.   

tat-ology asked how you hold your tatting for rings and I do the same thing she does, I think :) around the three fingers only.
I love speed and when you get a rhythm started.... there is not stopping. Size of thread this 80 so small helps with speed and this ring is great because one picot to where there is a join,
 here is where I adjust and slide more thread on ring I do the other 8 and done.  Shuttles make a difference too
I am sure all kinds require an adjusting, the question is weather it is worth it to you.  

This is how I hold for chains, I always use 2 shuttles because I never have to worry about unwinding from finger like I do if using ball.

I wanted to get this out for anyone starting this round so you can check your speed for fun. I have sat for one hour and did 20 repeats and 10 in half hour, I like to take breaks and need to walk for my health.
I need to remember to use tatting as a reward for doing chores or exercise, and waiting. I can get lost too much tatting.
No matter how you tat don't for get why you are tatting
It's just fun! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tatting Bonnet with Anne Orr, Plus More

I got that spot out, I wet only the stained area and gentle scrubbed in a very tiny amount of these three cleaners, which are: peroxide, lemon juice, and bleach, then rinsed quickly so it would not ruin fibers.
This is last round that I can lay it flat (mostly), I love this delicate look. 

They called for the next round, which is the same as last one, but flipped.   

Remember Frivolenka's Anchor click here for pattern there is some English on the pattern too,  I decided to use the very large Lisbeth thread from Handy Handys this takes less than and hour to make :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Pony With Tatted Lace by Yana Moroz

Found this little pony on line. From a tatting class for direction here I want to change the ear a bit some day and added two rings, under the belly.

I bought these eye beads a while ago. for more information on adding a bead, click on Marilee's add a bead directions

the eye is a bit big, kind of gives him a surprised look

They wanted three large picots, I made small ones and added a tat more tail hair.

The long threads were frayed this way starting at the top.

Now he is hungry.

done with this here for Renulek's lovely doily

Here it is with the JS doily going slow little I'm a bit board :(  the brown is size 40 thread and grey is 80.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

What became of The Wash Cloth?

Remember the Victorian wash cloth, I found a princess that loved playing with and using it :)click on this for pattern remember to scroll down a little bit !

It works, and my granddaughter made me happy, the way she carried it around and treated this very special :)

Next round done, but if you look close (on left side), I didn't realize till I took picture...

 my thread was tainted what horror, and it's on inside of ball every so often.

I lost the label and don't know who's thread it is or where it came from but spent the rest of day cutting it out.  It kinda looks like rust, but not from where a pin was stuck in it, it goes deeper on the other side in some spots.  This really broke my heart and have to get over it :(

Over half done and this round is easier than last!  It is down right fun.