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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014 With My First Project!

 I am starting a doily 
This is first round
Second Round,  I left long ends at start, so I could finger tat to next round.
This worked out well,  the little flakes of white that show up  are from a board that I blocked it to.
This pattern  is 37 years old by Myrtle Hamilton
I am using size 40 and the color was a request it will be these three colors.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another delicate Snowflake of day 23

I bought this deer at "Target"

Just for displaying snowflakes!
size 80, measuring 11 cm
I revamped an old public domain flake and changed it around enough I had to write it down, I like it, another one of my favorites!
found flaws in directions and will not be able to post it right now :(
no time!
Great tip,
the long chains does make it floppy so will have to add extra thread to chain or use stiffener which is what I did. 

Christmas Eve, 24th day!

Merry Christmas, and it has been fun and I learned a lot from this challenge thank you Margaret you helped me get through the Holidays! 
I made this one up several years ago using mock rings it is large but love the large ones for the window.

I have a note book and laminated some of the paper snowflakes and have put these up every year.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

22 Day of December, Look Close

Well I was playing around with different techniques and enjoyed the "Roll Tatting" or "Lupins" taught in Mary Konior's book, "Tatting with Visual Patterns". Instead of trying it on a ring, I tried it on a chain and that was hard to keep from unrolling.
Maybe that's why she does not "roll tat" on a chain, in her book!
I do love the look of Lupins and will try to incorporate them in my tatting later on.

 Well can't seem to focus the camera, so you can see the cord like appearance it has.  This helped give strength to hold up the clovers. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

21th day of December

I really like this shape, and once again use Diane's design found @ lacelovinlibrarian, I added a couple more double stitches to chain before the Josephine knot,oh yea omit the rings too. My son and husband like the other one better, me and the dog like this one better :)

My daughter made this apron for her niece, and yes for all you Andy Griffith fans she really is, an aunt Bee, and very happy about it! her name is Belinda :)
 Her sister is getting one like this in her size too!
I like this shape for an apron a lot!
Sewing tip of the day! All ribbons that are not silk or cotton can be carefully melted just close to flame, to prevent from fraying.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 20th

The Belgium Beauty with bling!
Once again I am using pearls with snowflakes, You know they say "pearls are good for all occasions" 

this is  Tally Tatty's done up for the evening snowfall!
measures 8 cm across in size 20.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day in December 19th *

After looking at all of Diane's little doodads snowflakes found here lacelovinlibrarian I ran to store, and could not find any, they were out!
I found something else and this made a completely different look, I did add one double stitch on the chain.
She is right, these are fast to make!

In the jewelry findings they did have "bead covers" they are made curved to fit over beads, so I just squished the little buggers out flat. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 18th Snow Flake!

An Original pattern from Belgium, Tally Tatty designed this beautiful Snowflake and ask me to try it! 
I really enjoyed this one, I kind of hurried to make it, and forgot to graduate the picots like the one below, above is size 20 thread.  Below is size 80 thread.

To get chains to curve towards center, I hold center rings below the chain,while tatting.

I like the small rings that are above the center rings, and this make it unique.
I will be making this pattern again
It was easy to remember the pattern as you go
and will be able to practice on picot sizes  too!
Thank You 
Tally Tatty 

Monday, December 16, 2013

More Purrfect Cats Day 17

 Surprise!  There are 12 cats 
My eldest daughter made the Christmas wreath years ago.

pull one of the strings of the picot out!
unless you make really long picots which are little harder to do for me I really don't use gauge.
  Two kinds of ears shown here.  Don't forget to mark and switch shuttles at where tail meets cat to avoid confusion. 

To make 12 cats, make tails longer, 5ds p, 10ds, p, 5 ds.
I also reduced the bodies 5 ds between picots, but don't have too.
the pdf is on previous blog at bottom, just add the tail change to the 6 cat directions if want to to 12 cats. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Purrfect Snowflake! For Day 16

 For all who love animals this is a real treat, if you are real quiet, you can here them meow.
You even get to snip picots, for whiskers, which is oddly satisfying.

Yes I have been working on your Christmas present too! I was inspired by Karey Solomon who's Idea of cats in a circle for snowflake looked fun, but did not look like cats to me.

 Cute tail and wreath and large size 3 thread makes a great festive brooch. The chains in the cat do well no twisting problems!

Here are three different size threads the  orange one is 3.5 wide by 6 cm (omitting tail) the Siamese cat is size 20 thread he is 1.5 by 3 cm (omitting tail) I used black and white thread but ears are colored with black ink marker, the picots for ears, (after connected back on ring) are made by pulling one thread and can be pointed with water and fingers or by blocking.

You can down load the down below and let me know if pattern problems I am not the great with this kinda thing!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

15th Day In December!

From "The Big Book of tatting" Saw this on another blog and had to try, I made the stringy parts little long. So on final round, I increased the chain stitches to 11 ds and added the Josephine knots! And For stronger hold I did attach the smaller rings which they left free originally.

Early Christmas presents I have received!

Along with the wonderful patterns that all you bloggers have given to down load, I have received from "worldwidetatting.blogspot" blog  a wonderful little Russian book with some fun patterns, and she made a snowflake too from the book!
My son brought home from "ceramic class" shuttles he made for me and I soooo happy! He is 15 years tomarrow!
I told him some basic elements I wanted, and here they are all fired up
I am so excited to try them out and he want's to see which ones I like and make more.
 I have received my Singapore present swap from "Wicked Nothings" found here wickedtatsshroomfield.blogspot
close up! sooo pretty! nice brooch.  Sorry can't seem to rotate top picture,and I received a shuttle to decorate believe it or not I don't have one decorated! can't wait, :) and a unique thread holder/maybe shuttle in yellow beads, thread and bracelet and Singapore pendent! So sweet Thank you all very fun!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 14 in December

This is from "24 Snowflakes in tatting" by Lene Bjorn. I goofed up a bit and skipped 5 ds and a picot on the chains.

This is done in size 80 DMC this is fun and another one of my favorites! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day of December 13

This is a fun one, and size 80.
This is from Helping Hands News letter Volume 18 Issue 1 Winter 2010
It says by Sandy.
These are attachments to add to cell phones, found with jewelry findings, in hobby stores. The top was a free pattern from leblogdefrivole I added some beads on it. and they are cute, but for first time, I should have not,
cause the chains are not even. 

Another size that works well, is Diane's doodads pattern, found here lacelovinlibrarian I put extra of the stiffener on them, to carry around.  Received many complements too :)
This was the first one I made and mess up a little on this too!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Yes, finally got close enough!

As I mentioned with the first one done, I was trying to copy with permission, a beautiful snowflake from frivolenka.blogspot  and didn't quite get it, till now.  She wasn't making a clover it was an illusion, she just made 2 leafs and did her chain, this makes more rays and gives another effect.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eleventh Day of December!

I bought this book Just for this snowflake!
Anne Orr, book 13
hey she from Tennessee too, wow!
size 80
Looks like an x ray!
measures 8cm or 3 & 1/2 inch
I belong to a textile exchange group and you make trading cards with your work on them, they are 3 by 5 inch and the subject was "Happiness" 

The yellow flowers are
and the bigger flower is my invention with Josephine knots, and this was just fun to make and This left for the UK yesterday, so I don't know how long it will be, but I will post mine when I get it.