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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 18th Snow Flake!

An Original pattern from Belgium, Tally Tatty designed this beautiful Snowflake and ask me to try it! 
I really enjoyed this one, I kind of hurried to make it, and forgot to graduate the picots like the one below, above is size 20 thread.  Below is size 80 thread.

To get chains to curve towards center, I hold center rings below the chain,while tatting.

I like the small rings that are above the center rings, and this make it unique.
I will be making this pattern again
It was easy to remember the pattern as you go
and will be able to practice on picot sizes  too!
Thank You 
Tally Tatty 


  1. What a lovely snowflake! Nice job on a pretty pattern.

  2. Hallo
    ohh wie wunder wunderschön . Die Sterne sind sooo zauberhaft schön . Einfach einzigartig.
    Und wie du die immer so fest und steif hinbekommst. Grosses Lob für dich . LIebe Grüsse Marlies

  3. What a pretty pattern and beautiful snowflake, I like that pattern and you did a lovely job with it.

  4. Blush! Thank you , Carollyn, I am touched!

  5. I loved this one and now part of my collection, Your first snowflake, was a good one! I have got the prettiest blizzard,but it is depleting, Well I did give some away to friends and teachers, every time I did, they really smiled.

  6. It's beautiful! I am really enjoying seeing all the different snowflakes that are being tatted... so festive!

  7. I know what you mean, I enjoy everyone's snowflakes too! And at least I have a record of them here cause I already have given more away!


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