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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day in December 19th *

After looking at all of Diane's little doodads snowflakes found here lacelovinlibrarian I ran to store, and could not find any, they were out!
I found something else and this made a completely different look, I did add one double stitch on the chain.
She is right, these are fast to make!

In the jewelry findings they did have "bead covers" they are made curved to fit over beads, so I just squished the little buggers out flat. 


  1. that is a pretty snowflake. What a great idea. just be careful when you join. Some of the bead caps I have handled have sharp edges.

    1. Oh that's right they felt little sharp, I didn't get hurt yet and once you go all way round, there is no worry, and goes by fast!

  2. Bell caps make great doo-dads. Looks Great!!

  3. What a great idea! I love the way your snowflake turned out!

  4. I just realized I did your snowflake #4 and I omitted the first(or center) rings all together that shape turned it into something complete different and that why it went super fast too!

  5. Nice use of the bead caps! It gives the center a great negative space. Good innovation!

  6. Oh thanks, this time the desperate measure I took worked out okay!

  7. Auch das ist wieder eine wunderschöme Schneeflocke.
    Soviel arbeit aber es lohnt sich .
    ganz liebe Grüsse Marlies

  8. Great triangular shape!! I had never heard of doothats before. Are they an asset or a way of cheating, ... I'll have to try them.

  9. That is a lovely snowflake, I love the shape and the shape of the doodad, Diane's pattern has worked well in that shape.

  10. Very pretty, great idea to use bead covers.

  11. Great unique design to that snowflake!!! :)


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