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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back to Ben's Motifs In Tatted Lace

Mistakes are made, but still pretty ones.

I am feeling better about this since I finished up my bonnet, I am not as far along as tat-ology and UMI & TSURU with the motifs.
This is a very large project and feels overwhelming (the instructions) at times.

This is just a different lighting than the above I will take it out side soon to get you all a better view of the colors

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Book "Occhi-Schiffchenspitze- Frivolite"

I have had this book for years and love several patterns and have them marked and ready, but never got around to it.

My granddaughter's birthday party a "Frozen" party for her third birthday, needed little snowflake looking motif for hair clips!
I  do love this book, I admire the projects and style of patterns from this part of the world I notice many have very little picots.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anne Orr's Baby Bonnet Completed!

The final round was very fun to do.

I recommend this old book " Tatting with Anne Orr", I use some old thread that I not sure the size but thinking is was 30, which made this Bonnet look like it would fit a one year old.  

The final round goes all the way around and this view is under the neck.

If you want a row by row view just check older posts, I really wish these older books had more pictures that is why I am posting this so you could use as a reference.  

Lots of rows repeated and made a cute puff, to me, cause I normally press things out, and you can not with bonnets.
(except for very back)

And this awaits to place on a wonderful baby somewhere :)
I am planning on making many more bonnets in future already have more patterns picked out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Garland Necklace With Instructions + Bonnet

I had so much fun I am going to start another one and then one for myself.  I am going to list directions for 2 of the flowers today.  They are made with size 20 thread later I will list directions for size 40 and 80 thread flowers.

The white flower is the latest one and  these flowers  that are simple to make  

Start with size 20 thread and thread on 25 yellow beads enough for 4 flowers.  leave 4 inches at least then start ring by sliding  down 5 beads on ring thread and start ring with 2 double stitches slide up 3 beads make 2 double stitches and slide up the remaining 2 beads then 2 ds and close ring.
For petals try to leave no thread spaces and begin petals with a ring of 3 ds picot 2 ds and 5 picots separated by 1 picot then 1 more ds anther picot 3 ds and close ring.
 Next 4 petals are made same, just connect at the first and last picots
and don't forget the final one, connecting to first petal.  If you get confused connecting first and last. it is okay just whip stitch the first and last together with needle and thread from long tail left from ends.   

Baby blue is made close to same way as the white daisy up above begin with size 20 threading on 25 beads and the 3 yellow thread on enough for 4 or 5 flowers. Slide the 3 yellow beads on ring thread make 1 ds then slide in the 3 beads 1ds and close ring.
5 petals made with sliding down 5 beads to ring thread rings begin with 2ds then picot and 2ds then add one bead separated by 1ds  till all 5 beads are done then 1ds and picot 2ds close ring.  connect next 4 petals to preceding petal at picot and remember to connect first to last. this part can be tricky if you want the stitch the first to last with needle and thread go for it :) 

Yes I am on final round of the Baby bonnet from Anne Orr.

Final round is another repeat of round 8 and if you look close you can see where I finished 2 round eight's that were connected with the tiny ring above the final round.  I am pleased with the delicate look of this last round.  This is the underside of bonnet and I am approaching the very back.
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Anne Orr's baby Cap Round 12

Finished round 11 and round 12 is half way done this is going by quickly.

I like this, it makes a cute look to the bonnet.

After this I will be on last round and that one will wrap around the entire bonnet.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lace Necklace and Update on Baby Cap.

Finished and worn like a scarf, modeled by my daughter's friend Katie Brink  :) 

This scarf necklace is 49 inches or 122 cm long and has...

26 flowers attached on size 20 green but flowers have varying size threads.

Update on Anne Orr's baby Cap I am starting row 11 and it is just like row 4 this is easy to remember cause it is 9's and 7's.
 The tip of my hand shows round 4.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lace Necklace Garland with Frivolite, Tatting or Occhi

Well it is not done but here is a peek to give you an idea. 

This is the back side, I tied the thread to the stem with the long threads shown like in flower below
(notice how the thickness shows with the thread of the stem above)

Front side of flower on necklace.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tatting with Mother Nature

Broken glass is soothed by the ocean and sometimes called  "mermaid tears"

Practicing random tatting and trying to just shape it around the glass.

I will need more practice 

The leaf is inspired by Pinterest and Carolyn's  Shopping my Stash blog
I need to work on the best type of coating for a leaf the craft glue was not as great as I thought.

Finally my dear husband gave this to me, the day before mothers day.  He loves to carve and has instructions on his blog Here

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tatting Going Slow

I am slowly still working on Ben's design, but once again side tracked with a plan for these tiny little flowers

I am enjoying making different kinds of little flowers and styles with a final surprise post in mind for mothers day.
Hopefully :)

I figured out since I am new at beading to count beads and the color changes too it makes things go faster.

Some that I tatted separate centers, to install just before tatting on the main thing. 

I love spring time and this flower I just bought 2 or three weeks ago have become a home for a new family.
Well the little bird did a fine job of weaving, I am very humbled with my tatting is compared and no hands and lined this with these stiff white strands.  (I am thinking old stuffing from out door furniture).  

             I went to take another picture today because I noticed two more eggs, and to my surprise  the eggs hatched!  Mothers Day came early for her.