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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Garland Necklace With Instructions + Bonnet

I had so much fun I am going to start another one and then one for myself.  I am going to list directions for 2 of the flowers today.  They are made with size 20 thread later I will list directions for size 40 and 80 thread flowers.

The white flower is the latest one and  these flowers  that are simple to make  

Start with size 20 thread and thread on 25 yellow beads enough for 4 flowers.  leave 4 inches at least then start ring by sliding  down 5 beads on ring thread and start ring with 2 double stitches slide up 3 beads make 2 double stitches and slide up the remaining 2 beads then 2 ds and close ring.
For petals try to leave no thread spaces and begin petals with a ring of 3 ds picot 2 ds and 5 picots separated by 1 picot then 1 more ds anther picot 3 ds and close ring.
 Next 4 petals are made same, just connect at the first and last picots
and don't forget the final one, connecting to first petal.  If you get confused connecting first and last. it is okay just whip stitch the first and last together with needle and thread from long tail left from ends.   

Baby blue is made close to same way as the white daisy up above begin with size 20 threading on 25 beads and the 3 yellow thread on enough for 4 or 5 flowers. Slide the 3 yellow beads on ring thread make 1 ds then slide in the 3 beads 1ds and close ring.
5 petals made with sliding down 5 beads to ring thread rings begin with 2ds then picot and 2ds then add one bead separated by 1ds  till all 5 beads are done then 1ds and picot 2ds close ring.  connect next 4 petals to preceding petal at picot and remember to connect first to last. this part can be tricky if you want the stitch the first to last with needle and thread go for it :) 

Yes I am on final round of the Baby bonnet from Anne Orr.

Final round is another repeat of round 8 and if you look close you can see where I finished 2 round eight's that were connected with the tiny ring above the final round.  I am pleased with the delicate look of this last round.  This is the underside of bonnet and I am approaching the very back.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Those flowers look so springy and cheerful!

  2. Such bright and beautiful flowers!!! :)
    That baby bonnet looks so delicate and beautiful!!! :)

  3. Oh wat gaaf! Die kleine bloemen, die zouden zelfs op een mooie kaart kunnen! Prachtig!
    ik denk dat ik ook weer aan de slag moet met mijn shuttle.

  4. I didn't think about that, you are right many uses :) Thank You

  5. Your bonnet looks gorgeous and so delicate
    The flowers are beautiful and such array of colours, I will have to try this pattern

  6. The beads look quite large on the flowers and that is great because it makes them firmer and they stand out much better. The bonnet is growing very quickly

  7. Yes is makes them alittle tough and sturdy for a necklace plus gives it weight too. Good point to bring out!

  8. Ooh, hanks, I like your flowers. The bonnet is coming along well, I look forward to seeing it complete.

  9. Que delicadeza de flores ficaram lindas.Bom fim de semana ,bjs.

  10. What a Gorgeous Bouquet ! You could so easily just bind them together for a brooch, to go along with the garland/necklace . How about a bracelet & earrings ? Now I'm running with this idea ;-P
    Love what you are making. Very pleasing & cheerful.

    1. I know what you mean and these little flowers are fun to make up while watching TV :)

  11. Wow ! All you're doing looks fantastic <3 The baby bonnet is so precious !

  12. Jaka piękna ta czapusia!
    Pozdrawiam! :)

  13. Very beautiful flowers with much colors! I love it!


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