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Friday, May 8, 2015

Tatting Going Slow

I am slowly still working on Ben's design, but once again side tracked with a plan for these tiny little flowers

I am enjoying making different kinds of little flowers and styles with a final surprise post in mind for mothers day.
Hopefully :)

I figured out since I am new at beading to count beads and the color changes too it makes things go faster.

Some that I tatted separate centers, to install just before tatting on the main thing. 

I love spring time and this flower I just bought 2 or three weeks ago have become a home for a new family.
Well the little bird did a fine job of weaving, I am very humbled with my tatting is compared and no hands and lined this with these stiff white strands.  (I am thinking old stuffing from out door furniture).  

             I went to take another picture today because I noticed two more eggs, and to my surprise  the eggs hatched!  Mothers Day came early for her. 


  1. Lovely flowers!
    The little birds are so cute!

  2. What sweet beaded flowers, just right for Mothers' Day.

  3. Charming flowers - so small -- And look at the nests! Spring is here

  4. Thank you all for you kinds comments :)

  5. Such beauty all around !!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Ooooh, tatting and bead bling together-- love it! The baby birds are cute.

    1. I know I need to make the updates on the baby birds :)


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