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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Yes, finally got close enough!

As I mentioned with the first one done, I was trying to copy with permission, a beautiful snowflake from frivolenka.blogspot  and didn't quite get it, till now.  She wasn't making a clover it was an illusion, she just made 2 leafs and did her chain, this makes more rays and gives another effect.


  1. That's a beautiful snowflake, I love the button in the middle and the way the rays give a wonderful effect around the flake. I think that's your best one so far, but you have made some beautiful snowflakes so it's hard to say which is the best but I think it's this one. Sorry I am waffling.

    1. Oh thank you so much, I hope you are feeling better today, even though you may be waiting to here more!

  2. Beautiful! Good work! Děkuji... :-)

  3. This means very much coming from you! I bet you were afraid I was not going to get it! :)

  4. Ah, clever. One ring forms part of two 'clovers'. Lovely effect, well done.

  5. Yea, It takes a bit, but then that's it!

  6. Clever snowflake and very professional photography! Why does'nt your flashlight show in the mirror? Do you use a reflecting umbrella?

  7. Good point! On this particular one, I turned the flash off and turned my hall light on (it was over head), which gave the area enough light. I did try it with the flash as I do most pictures I take I compare the two. Lots of times the flash tend to wash out all the colors. My husband took a class and explained some of this too me. If you use a flash, you make sure it's not pointing directly into the mirror, make sure it's at an angle! some times I carry a little lamp around the house, I find it work better than a flash.


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