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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day of December 13

This is a fun one, and size 80.
This is from Helping Hands News letter Volume 18 Issue 1 Winter 2010
It says by Sandy.
These are attachments to add to cell phones, found with jewelry findings, in hobby stores. The top was a free pattern from leblogdefrivole I added some beads on it. and they are cute, but for first time, I should have not,
cause the chains are not even. 

Another size that works well, is Diane's doodads pattern, found here lacelovinlibrarian I put extra of the stiffener on them, to carry around.  Received many complements too :)
This was the first one I made and mess up a little on this too!


  1. I like the idea of using tatting as a cell phone decoration! I haven't tried stiffening snowflakes. Maybe I should!

  2. Yea It's fun, and some people use all kinds of things to stiffen them, they are so light weight they kind of bounce on the end of the cord it's fun and cute!

  3. They are lovely, not thought of using them as a charm, But you are using size 80 thread so they are smaller and lovely, my eyes won't to do 80 thread, but I can admire 80 thread on the blogs.
    You chose three lovely patterns, and they look beautiful.
    I stiffen with PVC glue and warm water mixed together


  4. You have a whole posse of snowflakes, now, Carollyn! How many more to go?

  5. Fabulous snowflakes!!! :) Great idea for using them as cell phone dangles!


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