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Saturday, December 21, 2013

22 Day of December, Look Close

Well I was playing around with different techniques and enjoyed the "Roll Tatting" or "Lupins" taught in Mary Konior's book, "Tatting with Visual Patterns". Instead of trying it on a ring, I tried it on a chain and that was hard to keep from unrolling.
Maybe that's why she does not "roll tat" on a chain, in her book!
I do love the look of Lupins and will try to incorporate them in my tatting later on.

 Well can't seem to focus the camera, so you can see the cord like appearance it has.  This helped give strength to hold up the clovers. 


  1. I like this look--more substantial than just leaving a space, but still leaves a lot of negative space...I have that book, I might have to pull it out and give it a whirl! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Another lovely snowflake, your roll tatting gives the snowflake strength to hold the clovers, it has a lot of space which in this design looks nice.
    Well done

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  4. Hi, Carollyn, I can't see it , but I know what you mean. A work that requires strong nerves!!Well done


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