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Friday, December 20, 2013

21th day of December

I really like this shape, and once again use Diane's design found @ lacelovinlibrarian, I added a couple more double stitches to chain before the Josephine knot,oh yea omit the rings too. My son and husband like the other one better, me and the dog like this one better :)

My daughter made this apron for her niece, and yes for all you Andy Griffith fans she really is, an aunt Bee, and very happy about it! her name is Belinda :)
 Her sister is getting one like this in her size too!
I like this shape for an apron a lot!
Sewing tip of the day! All ribbons that are not silk or cotton can be carefully melted just close to flame, to prevent from fraying.


  1. Thank you mom :) it is funny that I'm a real aunt Bee. It really did turn out so good and it took very little time once I got started lol. Hope everyone else thinks so too

  2. Nice apron, Yes beware of ribbons if it does not feel right and you think it's not cotton, silk don't use it with sewing.
    That is a wow snowflake, they are not all round and I like the shape, well done another great snowflake.

  3. How does that apron look when you wear it? Like a Flamenco dress?Snowflake looks like a comet!

  4. Actually no it fits smooth around you I will post a picture of it on after Christmas cause I wrapped it up. She put a double layer of fabric and it is reversible the fabric is kind of looks like a popular designer's wallets and purses (around here in US I think it is Vera ??) I get back with you on here name I am bad with that!

    1. Wow, I got to wake up! the fabric resembles a popular designer called Vera Bradly, she makes handbags and wallets. I not sure I would want a whole purse, just yet, colors are loud, but I like the apron and want one for myself it brightens up the kitchen and great coverage! I will take a picture of both of them and post it!

  5. Thankyou so much for telling me about the tatted cat (s), of course I have to get my shuttle right now and have a go, lol.
    I've been busy with my crochet scrumbles so a bit of tatting will make a break.
    Enjoy the holiday and look forward to your posts in 2014

  6. Nice apron and beautiful snowflake.


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