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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Early Christmas presents I have received!

Along with the wonderful patterns that all you bloggers have given to down load, I have received from "worldwidetatting.blogspot" blog  a wonderful little Russian book with some fun patterns, and she made a snowflake too from the book!
My son brought home from "ceramic class" shuttles he made for me and I soooo happy! He is 15 years tomarrow!
I told him some basic elements I wanted, and here they are all fired up
I am so excited to try them out and he want's to see which ones I like and make more.
 I have received my Singapore present swap from "Wicked Nothings" found here wickedtatsshroomfield.blogspot
close up! sooo pretty! nice brooch.  Sorry can't seem to rotate top picture,and I received a shuttle to decorate believe it or not I don't have one decorated! can't wait, :) and a unique thread holder/maybe shuttle in yellow beads, thread and bracelet and Singapore pendent! So sweet Thank you all very fun!


  1. Lovely presents, I am sure you will enjoy the Russian tatting book. Beautiful shuttles what a lovely son to make them for you. It has been your lucky day.

  2. Dear Carolynn: congatulations with ethe new name for your blog!! Carollyn is such abeautifull name. Besides, you are not mad! Congratumations also on your sun's talent. I wish one of these shuttles was mine!!.

    Ps Have youread the email I sent you? What is your email adress again?

    1. I have not received any Email from you, that's odd. I have a yahoo that I don't use that much and a gmail one I double checked and don't see any thing. I will send you something and see if you here let me know!

  3. How excited you must be that your son is making shuttles for you! I think that's the best Christmas present in the world! All of the other gifts are great as well, but there's something extra special about a hand-made gift from a loved one!

  4. Lovely presents, especially the bespoke shuttles, wonderful gift!

  5. Hooray! Presents are so fun! The shuttles from your son look great, what a treasure he must be to spend his time in class to make them for you. Tell him Молодец! and Отлично! ... he'll know what that means :)


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