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Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Visit With Tatting

 Can you find the tatting among the River Cane?
In Cherokee North Carolina.
Playing by the river, making cane fishing poles for play. and and searching for "skipping stones" you know the important things in life :)

Cute wagon wheel chair in Cherokee North Carolina

Daughter calming grandson outside restaurant.  In the background is a peak at the "kudzu" that covers the southern United States brought over from Asia many years ago, in background

I visited one of my Daughters house, and realized I made a tatted bread cover a few years ago, but she found a different use.
I was trying to practice this two different sized picots that are often showed in Jan Stawasz tatting, and using made up simple edging and directly attaching to some muslin cloth, size 8 ecru thread 
Daughter calming grandson outside restaurant, and a peak a the south's Kudzu that covers the southern United States brought over from Asia many years ago, in background
I had to show this beautiful dress made by a woman in the Philippines names Rainy she made this for me little over 50 years ago, this last week end it was worn again by a 3rd generation.

Two of my grandchildren.  On Sunday :) 

Love this book, tatted many items this time tried Tatted, wheel 24 from page 49 all it said was make 24 long picots and even though I rarely use picot gauges I did, I guessed, and lost, they were too long :(

Leaving a cup like shape that just needed a "wonder what to do", moment.

Maybe this?

Along the small river that we visited in Cherokee, North Carolina USA  grows River Cane. which looks a lot like Bamboo :)
Yes my daughter and another grand son.

My husband  shows how tall this cane is.
Have a great week and remember to take breaks of recreation for your recreation of the soul.


  1. Great pictures. Love to see the crochet dress still being worn after so long, that's special.

  2. Great pics! Cute kids and love the dress!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Very enjoyable post & pics :-)
    My first thought when I read about the heirloom dress : Have you told your pretty little granddaughter that her grandma wore it ? What was her reaction ? Did she ask "But how did you (& Mommy) fit into it?" ....

  5. Oh Carollyn, that all looks like so much fun. Finally a tatted cap :)

  6. Oh Carollyn, that all looks like so much fun. Finally a tatted cap :)

  7. thx for sharing all your pictures. I rarely tat [or knit] when out and about. sometimes if I'm "waiting" I'll tat up a doodle or two. Lovely photos!!! Enjoy the evening.

    1. That funny cause even though I haven't answered you in years, you tat all the time now😃

  8. Oh Carollyn, great pictures, love the tatting as a hat on the face, your daughter has really put your cloth to great use, at least she uses it and not just put it in a draw. You look like you had so much fun with the family and shows us a part of the US which I shall possibly never see thanks

    1. Ah that's sweet but i here that the old country looks alot like this😀

  9. Hi Carollin, you have a very beautiful family! I like so much the photos you show us! The big bamboo is wonderful! Thank you and compliment for your works!

  10. Great photos and what a lovely family. I love the cloth, that's so pretty. It's amazing to see the dress being worn again and it doesn't look at all dated. Just goes to show handmade items are the best. We haven't been blessed with grandchildren yet but if we ever do I have some handmade blankets that belong to my sons when they were babies, I hope to pass them on on. I wonder if they will be treasured?

  11. I am sure they will be the longer the time goes by I think the more it is loved.


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