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Friday, October 31, 2014

My Friends Tatting Berry's

This Strawberry is made from a friend that is now addicted her name is Jacee, I am so glad you sent picture, I could not turn the picture, but don't have too, to see how super cute it is :) she is fast to! She plans more in the future!
This is from my other new friend that needle tats  you have seen her other berries on this blog too and  she is having a ball changing colors and size threads too!
I sell the pattern contact me at tennbrown@


  1. Cute Halloween pics! One of my favorite holidays. Those strawberries are really neat.

  2. Happy Halloween, you do more than we do over here. My grand daughter is out tonight trick and treating. It's been the mildest day on record ever, with temperatures over 20c
    Lovely strawberries, must try the pattern soon

  3. thanks,We used to have a warm Halloween here but last few years it has gotten colder

  4. What a pretty family !! You looked stunning as a gypsy!!


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