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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Snowflake Correction Tips

     This one was another from "Elegant Gems" by Jon Yusoff called Galuh.

The mistake is here where the needle points to, I did not make the join

This is tatted with a size 40 so I used white sewing thread (that is thinner) and whipped stitched it with one back stitch in to hold tight and then attach at picot, and down the other side, with a little back stitch to tie off.  

To finish off I did same with the ends. To thread the needle I do mash it down with teeth  and flatten the thread to poke it through the eye of needle then snip off the moistened thread. 
                          Can you see the thread? It is hidden this way.                                                                                                   
When I took this  my dog saw another mistake, I forgot to tat a chain                                         and so that was corrected too.                                  


  1. Superb pictorial !!
    I've been guilty of doing the same a couple of times when I miss joining a picot ;-P ... If the piece has to be sewn on to fabric, then the mistake can be corrected while sewing it down. However, for stand-alone motifs, you have done an Excellent job - the sewn-in join is not visible at all !!!

    I like your whip stitch idea too. Will try it out next time.

    Beautiful Snowflake, Carollyn.

  2. Thanks, I used to tat my last three or 4 stitches large and then put the ends through them inside the core but I like this way better.

  3. Super praca. Piesek bardzo słodki.

  4. You are the only one who see the mistakes. It looks lovely

  5. Great tip, very well showed, I do the same to thread the needle and finish ends, but it's better I didn't have a coffee or liquorice! :))

  6. This is the only way to work in thread. Yes, I can see it a bit, but that doesn't matter. This is how tatting is done. The magical thread works only in theory. In practice, by adding the magical thread to your tatting, you create some extra space inside your double stitches,in which your hidden thread end can move, and slip out. Beary looks very sweet!

  7. When making mistakes in tatting, taking out the mistake is ideal and I feel should be done on important projects or larger ones, My snowflakes will be coated with stiffener and hung on a tree and given away to people and this correction works fine. on a doily or something washed a lot and used I would not do this. I feel little snowflakes encourage tatting and a mistake is okay to repair later and to go ahead an finish. Snowflakes/motifs, are great tatting practice to me because most are repeats of edgings. I like you point and should have mentioned it at beginning of post!