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Friday, September 21, 2018

Ice Drops Again and Again Oh No

Well I started another cat button and realized that there is no yellow tassel that matches so I've got to make one.

In the mean time I have received my bottle caps ;)  and these ones came with self adhesive domes to put inside the caps.
so with my Walgreen's app I printed out wallet sized pictures so I could get faces inside the domes,

 and started to prepare my bottle caps.

Well my granddaughter, with help from her mom dressed up as the queen of hearts for school party for Valentines Day.
So you can only guess what I am going to try with this little picture. 

It is my second attempt I realized the one they had could not be adjusted for the bottle cap size so I had to make one up.
Its really not quite perfect and will go on to try a different one.   But I plan on putting this in a fabric lace journal. 
that my friend at crafty-cats-corner makes


  1. Beautiful bottle cap! Love that bunnies!

  2. Adorable! I love that you're using family pictures!

    1. Thank you, I tried to find smaller pictures and then make them even smaller by printing them out with wallet size. it was fun and fairly inexpensive.

  3. So clever, I love how you’ve personalized it!

  4. Thanks, it reminds me of school pictures and how teachers would have you make crafts and ornaments with your picture on it.

  5. Olá amiga!
    Maravilhoso! sua netinha que boneca é muito linda!
    Deus abençoe sempre esta família.

  6. Thank you 🌻 are always so kind with your complaints hugs from Carollyn 🦋

  7. Ich bewundere dich sehr für diese Kunst. Grüsde Marlies

  8. Really nice and original the red bottle cap heart, Carollyn.
    have a good Sunday

  9. Thank you so much from Carollyn 😃

  10. You are so creative, I love watching your experiments :)

  11. Those will be some pretty special Ice Drops!!! Love the heart!! :)