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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Frivolite, Tatted Spider!

Look what I found on my asparagus, eeeeek!

Well she is kinda cute! 
 Her web looks so familiar like tatting! Must be why they say, "we make spiders weds" :)
She was made with size 20 thread and I wont stop here,
will be making butterflies too!

This is a Dutch Iris another one of my favorite flowers, she is my first completed spider and I will be changing her legs around so they don't go every where,(like in this picture) by adding picots, I took a stitch that straightens the legs in the first 2 pictures! 

She is made by covering the ring first, and then mock ring around the head. If you don't have a head you can paint a wooden bead with a little face!

I started with first leg chain the connect and then second leg with knot and end. As you can see I made too many picots I was thinking of making them one leg at a time! found less tying off this way!


  1. Sieht prima aus. Eine tolle Idee!

  2. Neat idea! I like the one hanging off your porch, you could use this as a Halloween decoration.

    1. really, I was thinking of hanging it from a ceiling fan, just for fun!

  3. That is really a cool spider - and even a little scary :)

  4. è simpaticissimo!!!! e tu sei molto brava....anche il lavoro del post precedente è delizioso!

  5. What a nice design,Carollyn, a true black widow! What is a leg stretching stitch?

  6. Sometimes when I make up a tatting pattern, and I feel that I should have joined a picot somewhere (or make a picot and joined them and I forgot too) I take a needle and thread and stitch them together where I should have joined them. Then I write it down and remember it the next time I make the pattern.

  7. What a wonderful design, I love your spider, she looks so real when on the web. The way you photographed her was brilliant.
    Well done

  8. Thanks, I wanted to make a web for her photo shoot that would take too long and then remembered that have a little black doily and had to find it! I still wanted to make a triangle shape to fit in corner.

  9. Oh, she is so cute! Once for Hallowe'en, I dressed as the spider queen, with spiders in my hair and one crawling on my lip (freaked some people out) ....this would have been great sitting on my shoulder! Nice one!

  10. I was wondering how risky it would be to show this after the mice, what will people think :) I really needed a spider for my granddaughters little quite book I think for "little miss Muffet "

  11. Looks wonderful for a spider!! :) And the web is great!!! :)


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