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Friday, April 25, 2014

 Renulek's doily so far. And thank you all for information to find tatology if  you still can't find her she is here tat-ology!  

Sierra has learned to tat and she loves it and had caught on well.  I started with Diane's method of teaching chains first so you understand what to look for in the knot. 

My son's girlfriend likes to tat and is connecting rings too!
I know it is not Diane's size flock, but one at a time is all I can do :)


  1. Looking good so far, wow she's learning fast, and another tatter for the world, you will be getting her to blog her tatting next.

    1. I know she sings and has a video on a place called sky cloud will have to get more information on that later on.

  2. Oh good, another tatter! Good start to the doily.

  3. Your doily is looking very nice!! :)
    So great that you have a new tatter there!! :)

  4. Thank you now I feel like I am not the only one around ha ha ha!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Madtatter.

    Lovely start on the Renulek. I have two things to finish first and then I'm on to it too!

  6. This will be my first one I have made from hers, I usually just watch every one else

  7. A lost Fox would be a disaster
    A new, young tatter is very good news.She learns fast!
    Renulek's summer doily looks easy, yet I already made a mistake.
    Good night antipodes.

  8. yes I got going to fast and messed up too!

  9. Love you doily, I am starting the 3rd round. Good to see another tatter and she has a good teacher!!!

  10. Oh thank you, This is first time I followed one of her patterns, I don't know if I can stand waiting for the next round! :)

  11. Bom dia minha amiga ,como sempre lindos trabalhos ,é muito bom ensinar é gratificante ,bjs e um bom final de semana.


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