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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jumping To Next Round

When starting Renulek's doily I thought I would show you how I jump to next ring with out cutting and starting over, I can work on two colors I if start with two, but I am only doing one color I think!

I begin like normal but I do make extra long ends
I tatted like normal all the way round the first round, and then with long ends I normally want to hide when starting,  I flip, then I finger tat to middle to meet up where next round will start.  I only made these paper ones as a visual. I should be able to move up 3 rounds or so.
And here is the jump, Hopefully this make sense. 

It is like a size 80 I think and is very nice to tat with never imperfect thread and tons of it too! I had fun with making new shuttles too!


  1. Lovely shuttles, interesting post, not tried this method. I look forward to seeing your progress with the doily.

  2. Well, I realize now that it doesn't do well when you don't know the whole pattern ahead of time you can't plan the next jump well!

  3. Great idea. Anything to not sew in ends.

  4. Ya I hear ya, I finished the round I could have done it little differently, just really needed to know the next round, but not too sad I know there will be plenty of other rounds ha ha!

  5. Another way instead of using split chains. Good idea. Similar to how you would go from round to round when doing mignonette.

  6. yes I tried to described this once before and I don't think I communicated very well, but that's it!

  7. I'm going to try it. That is the only way to find out. I am not sure I understand, but the idea of working with 4 shuttles is irrisistible! Pretty shuttles!

  8. Hey tally it does help to know the next round I only got to go up two rounds and think I could have gone further had I known the next round but no big deal I just try again with her next rounds :)


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