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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tatting Renulek Doily Update

It really is pretty, and this round was pleasant to make, has a good flow to it as you tat.
She surprised me I thought it was over :) 

So happy this is going to be more than a motif!
If you don't know here blog sight it click here

This beautiful hankie was sent by Tally tatty a while back, and I wanted to share the colors I decided to use (explain in later posts the meaning of the hankie).  This batch of  thread is nice and consistent (some have not been in the past) and long ago I wanted to order Lizbeth's Orange Crush and they were out, so had to wait and glad I did, it is beautiful and goes great with the Red burst and the hankie!


  1. Ah I got caught on thinking that the last doily was over and then it went on and on as you know! Wasn't going to start another one, but I have!! Like you have kept to a neutral colour, yours looks great. Renulek is so clever.

  2. Your doily and edging both look wonderful!!! :)

  3. What a relief! Naughty Renulek! :)

  4. delizioso romantico bellissimo

  5. The small thread does seem to make it romantic, thank you.

  6. Lovely, lovely. You have to get used to Renulek's method of releasing a pattern in small pieces. If you keep up with her, it's almost like a tat it and see!

  7. Yes, that is why I chose one color, that I had lots of, so I don't run out. but then I didn't realize the mystery that goes with it :)


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