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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Artist Trading Cards, Birthday Club

This card will be for a woman who loves lobsters.
this is very small hoop, cards are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches
misplace the metric ruler.

There is a small amount of tatting in the sea weed....
just had fun with random rings.

And in the tail size 20 and seaweed has 20 and 80

I liked working with the felt and the rings where just one shuttle tatting, he is a happy lobster!

Off they go to Canada this time!


  1. Love the lobster ATC! Great job on incorporating the tatting. How do you finish off the ATC? Is there a layer of stiffening and a back material? I've seen material ATCs on the internet but am not sure how to make one. The lobster and the tree look great.

    1. There is no set rule on that as long as it measure as close to 3.5 x 2.5 inches
      Some of the women requested no card , because they wanted to sew it to a quilt. I line mine (so stitches don't show and most of the ones I have have a backing I will phote the back next time) and then when I got to the top I left it so you could side a card in side it fits a business card well and I was going to make one for myself to put business cards in.

  2. Oh, my goodness, Carollyn!! I had such a surprise when I openened your blog!! What a lovely design, what an imagination. The spring tree is very nice as well, and so is the clover doily. I wish I could hear you say 'Homard';

    1. Thanks tally, but don't know what you mean "homard"?

    2. Un homard is french for lobster. We Europeans, find that people from the southern states of the USA have a very sexy way of pronouncing this word ; a bit like the caribbean way. It is almost as if you hear Mel Gibson say coconuts in the 'mutiny of the Bounty'.
      Mind, you. If you would hear me speak English , there would inevitably be a comment on whatever accent that I have!! haha, this is the spice of life! Poor lobster.

    3. Oh I am a silly head, I get it now very funny, I didn't think of that because everyone sounds the same, till we get an outsider :) on a blog no one has an accent till I don't understand what they write ha ha. I will say that the french say everything sexy! and a couple of there languages that are not mine :) although a true southern Georgia accent is very sexy and polite fine qualities makes you melt!

  3. I love your lobster card--the seaweed looks great! A neat idea. Nice tree, too.

  4. Ohhhh das ist ja eine wahnsins Arbeit. So fein und zart.
    Unglaublich .
    glg Marlies
    aber wunderschön

  5. Thank you for your very nice compliment 💟


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