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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Suprise Delivery From Belgium

I have Tally Tatty to thank for all the items in this wonderful tube!
So I could keep this book in best condition, she also gave me the copy Diagrams that were inserted inside!
Looks like tatting diagrams are not as new as we thought, since this book dates back to  1979 in German language, WOW! 
This beautiful hand painted shuttle!
For my collection!

She even gave the link for these unique shuttles Here!

This totally gorgeous handkerchief :) That I am so going to to an edging for the keepsake book from burda!
Thank you sooooooooo much I am going to have fun, tally you are a peach! 
            With all this fun keep in mind Margaret who is having a prosedure done today from margaretsdesignercards take care and our thoughts and prayers are with you!


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