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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Bonnet With Tatting

I tried to match the colors in the dress, then tat the flowers!
This flower starts with chain of 32 in green and then, ring 2 pearl bead, 2 close ring.  Then followed by 5 rings of 8 double stitches. 

wrap and tie to look like a flower save sting to sew on to hat.

This flower is made of 6 petals, each petal is made of 2 rings that are connected at the top, the each ring is 5 picot 5.
the finished flower is third picture down.

This flower has greenery, and the first ring is a mock ring, where I hide the ends and sniped them,  you can see the one on the left the larger thicker ring is hiding the threads. they are made with 5 and separated by 3 picots.

Each flower is made of five petals that are made of Josephine Knots of 14 half stitches.
Wrap and tie the cluster to look like flower. 

Added embellishments and tatted flowers are Sewn on, instead of glued so I could change it around.

Easter dress under hat

Placed in hair with hats pin, or you could glue hair clip on.
Our spring is here leaves on the trees now


  1. What a beautiful little hat!!! :)

  2. Nice pictures! Now , I can finally see twirls. The flowers are very pretty. The hat is too small for you! :)

  3. Very funny! so what do you think of the twirls?, I think it is nice just have to think of what you want to use it with.


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