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Monday, April 14, 2014

The little Mermaid

A favorite story of mine by author Hans Christian Anderson about eternal life! this will be part of a child's quite book.
She needs a head and arm, I cut out many to get to this point on the design :)
The beaded one I made from a fun children's craft book
called Klutz 

I am adding felt for strength and could not tat a face I was happy with :)

Now to add another layer to cover the stitching in the back!


  1. Toll sehen die Meerjungfrauen aus. Eine hübsche Idee.
    Lieben Gruß Cornelia

  2. This is transatlantic telepathy! I have been thinking all day about making a mermaid.
    I bet Richard is happy with them.

    1. It is weird how sometimes that happens, who doesn't like mermaids!

  3. Very cute! You did a great job.

  4. very nice, I love how you used the button star!