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Monday, April 21, 2014

Beginning Bracelet

I love this and still wear it with causal clothes. my first one in tatting just chains

The latest fun around here in the U.S. is the bracelets made with small colorful rubber bands.

This one has a cute button an done on a loom!


  1. Your first bracelet is cute!! :)
    My granddaughter just started in on the rubberband bracelet craze. The funny thing is that I had asked her if she would be interested in that before Christmas so I could get her a kit and she said no, but now she is. Figures huh?? :) That rubberband bracelet with the button is cute!! :)

  2. That is funny they do that sometimes and I think they don't like that you can predict that it's the latest craze, my older daughter likes them and I am wearing one. The button one I made years ago and simple, but it is a comfortable rustic look that I still like.

  3. Your first bracelet is super! What a good idea for a beginner's tatting project!

  4. Oh yea, I remember trying to find colorful buttons and struggling with the tatting :)

  5. No sólo hacen furor en US sino también es España. Estas tienen una mezcla de colores muy alegres.


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