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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tatting Lace For A Little Princess

This birthday will be giving variety of hair bows to adorn her honey colored hair :) the pink flower ones are Margarets pattern and the bottom right is Teri Dusenbury her patterns are wonderful but written out long. I read it and then write the numbers in on the pictures.
there are two kinds of clips and some have fabric on them and others do not I sew then on both. some time a touch of glue and waxed paper between the clip to help hold it.

Below is my son and husband and little grand daughter, she lives near the Biltmore Estate, this is the closest to a castle the US will ever have :)  got season passes the have many activities  there blog link here.
on the back porch


  1. Interesting history of Biltmore House...Thanks for the info! Beautiful place.

    1. Thanks, It was the last day of the Downtown Abby clothes display. The next season will have some visits to here.

  2. I did not think the USA had castles, it's amazing how these places have things on to entice people to visit, I visited a castle last weekend which I must blog about,
    Beautiful flowers,

  3. Oh it is Like a castle but not, he was a super rich guy that wanted to compete with the kings and queens of Europe. It is very interesting and the downfall too :)

  4. Happy birthday to your princess!

  5. Thank You Ninetta I will tell her!

  6. Truly fit for a princess :-)) She will have such sweet little memories & treasures for years to come !
    I read a bit about the Biltmore estate in Bill Bryson's "At Home" ! Isn't there something about a well-stocked library there, as well ?


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