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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Gift From New Zealand

Just in Time to make a wonderful Christmas Day, from very far away, New Zealand
I have said it before I love and appreciate my artistic friends.
Lee is a expert in Stitch embroidery 
among other things.
she has a blog called "Notes From Under the mountain"

At first I thought I saw the stitched bird in brown,
then realized the outlined bird 
was not a printed fabric 
Yes, this was stitched too!

Opening these beautiful closers is grand because there is even more
stitching with words "birds of beauty the sky is your home, just spread your wings and fly high"
And if that isn't enough there is more!

Stitching and gifts!

And another stitch painting
Thank You, now I have the honor or owning a useable piece of art.
I carried this around and caringly showed everyone on Christmas day!
How did she know that I have a board on Pinterest
called "needle books" 


  1. That’s so sweet! And beautifully made.

  2. Replies
    1. I does make you feel special to use it.πŸ˜„

  3. What a lovely present. Beautiful stitched. Lucky you :)

  4. This is such a wonderful gift, so much work has gone into this, I'm sure you will treasure it. I think I would probably not use it, its so lovely. lol

    1. I used to make lye soap and would give it for gifts and no one would actually use them, and they really are great for you skin. So I am going too and have ☺

  5. This is such a labour of love!!! I'm glad you are using it. Beauty and functionality - the best combination :-)

  6. That is a beautifully made useful gift, I am sure you will think of her everytime you use it.

  7. Yes, a very nice thing for you to say!

  8. So pleased you like it and that you are using it

  9. Happy new year! that's an absolutely beautiful gift, love it! your friend is very talented