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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tatted Lace Butterfly

Summertime is here and this pattern was hard but I liked it.  

Went for a walk in the forest last summer and found this she must have just laid her eggs. I wanted to tat her colors!

There is a diagram, and written out instructions, you need both for this one! it tats up crumpled like the top one till pressed out!

Who ever thought this one out had great intellect, She truly could see what this would become from the chrysalis state!  

And here is the book it is in Russian, and this may be why it is so hard to understand! With help from my son who is taking this language in High School, he helped me understand a couple of words :)
I will make more in other colors too I really enjoyed this pattern. 


  1. Fabulous butterfly pattern - so nicely balanced.

  2. Interesting wavy pattern, beautiful effect, I love butterflies! Great colour choice, too.

  3. Lovely butterfly, looks an interesting pattern, and your colours. Well done on doing the pattern

  4. Amazing butterflies, the real one and the tatted one! Good job. It does look tricky, but well worth the effort.

  5. Ein wunderschöner Schmetterling!

  6. Thank you all, I cant wait to make other colors in this pattern, then I will have a butterfly collection :)

  7. Olá meu anjo!
    Amei a borboleta,é muito delicada!
    Com certeza ,em outras cores também ,vai ficar muito linda.
    Beijão fique com Deus.

  8. Very, very clever pattern and wonderful colors. So clever of you to decipher russian tatting books!

  9. That butterfly is awesome!!! :)

  10. Beautiful butterfly Carolly! I loved it!


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