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Monday, May 5, 2014

La Frivolite, Tatting

I love frames and this seems to follow the linking chain of the little "Tatted Book Worm" book mark in a Handy Hands Newsletter Volume 15 issue one.  I just love how in  the (La Frivolite) book she makes corners, and  into a little frame. 
I changed the color at every turn 
Used size 50 thread in a very nice thread called "Omega" and it is soft and yet holds together well if you pick it out and doesn't twist up. :)

This is what the book looks like, that holds the pattern it in french, which I can not read, but I followed the numbered illustration.

Up date on my doily, I started a while back, I finally finished the spokes, and onto the next round which is a bit bothersome to me because I prefer to hide the ends with needle and thread before cutting them off. 

This morning was spent adding another wonderful round to Renulek's Doily I love the way she fills it in. This round is not bad to do at all, but I did cut off and start over I kept forgetting to make 2 rings. That is a heads up for any one starting this round :)


  1. Oh, I love the 2-coloured edging - I've used that edging myself, but only in one colour. And your doilies are both looking spectacular!

  2. Olá Carollyn!
    Fico encantada quando faço visita em seu blog.
    Acho seus trabalhinhos maravilhosos,são muito lindos.
    Parabéns por estes trabalhos maravilhosos.
    Beijos fique com Deus.

    1. Your complements are always sweet thank you:)

  3. Your frame is fabulous!!! :)
    And your doilies are outstanding!!! :)

  4. Love the frame and your Renukek tatting. You are WAY faster than I! I am just about a quarter do the way round. : )

    I have that French tatting book; it was a gift from Snowy and I love it AND I can speak a wee bit of French, but I have to be very awake to make sense of many of the patterns. Some at the end I find rather confusing.

    1. I know someone went on and on about this book and it wasn't cheep to purchase and I struggle with it, like page126 there is a picture of a pretty doily and I don't think it is in there is it? that is neat that you speak french it is very nice to here lucky you:) I took a couple of weeks of it in 8th grade and can only say " the Deponts arrive in an hour", Sad thing is I don't know any one by that name ha ha ha. Oh I kiss my man good by at 5:30 and tat as fast as I can with just a little break to scoot my son off to school, and I think the smaller size thread you use you go faster or at least I do, till I mess up! then I attempt to clean something of the many things calling out to me.

  5. Adorable frame !
    In fact, with your clever play with colors, you've got a "double" frame :-)
    Both your doilies are very beautiful too.
    All the images are a treat for the eyes :-)

  6. Te ha quedado muy bonita, me gusta la idea de alternar los colores. Las esquinas son muy originales. Se trata de un diseño muy sencillo pero elegante, de hecho he tejido este mismo modelo, aunque en recto y lo he utilizado para un babero.

    1. Yes, I think there is a lot of possibilities with this chain pattern, that needs to be explored. It is fun to make and I want to make more and create other things with this!

  7. In addition, Carollyn, I already told you the E. Renaudin does not write easy French. Even for us ,it is diffucult to read. Who advised it to you? It is good, no doubt.
    I love your frame and you 2 magnificent doilies.
    Is that frame for the flower of May?

  8. Well I am not sure I want to say her name she writes many reviews and I like lot of her statements she is from here in U.S. but maybe I misunderstood:) Hey I forgot about the month of may! thanks for the reminder :) oooops

  9. Love your frame, great pattern, I can't read French I would need the drawings too.
    Two lovely doiles, they are both looking good.

  10. This one had the drawings and numbered diagrams, they just don't have it for everything in the book!

  11. Wonderful tattings work! I love it all.

    Pink Rose Crochet

  12. I LOVE that frame! So delicate and feels like a touch of spring!


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