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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day two of Kiss Kiss Fish

So below after your threads are tied, you will start first half of the tail fin with a ring.  Slide 5 beads onto the ring before you begin and slide the beads to back and out of way, make 4 double stiches (ds) slide a bead and make 1 ds ,then slide 3 beads and make 1 ds, then 1 bead and 2ds, Then picot and 3 ds and close ring.
pictured below. 

Now the second half or the tail fin.  Another Ring, with 5 beads slid onto ring and out of way, make 3 ds and connect to picot of last ring, then 2ds and 1 bead and 1ds,  then 3 beads 1ds, 1 bead four ds and close ring.

Now for your fish body (retie knot if not close enough to fin).  I wrap my chain core thread (shuttle 2) with those long ends to core thread around my middle or ring finger like a tourniquet(maybe not so tight), this is the shuttle thread with the one eye bead and continue,

 With 6 double stitches and 4 picots separated by 1ds.   All picots can vary and I started this with 2mm then 2 more with 4mm and 2 more at 2mm again for size 40, size 20 thread can be 4mm  then 2 at 6mm then back to 4mm . 

 (You can do any thing you would like here, with the size of picot and if placing the fish on a paperclip the picots don't have to be measured just tatted directly to paperclip.) 

This ends todays part of the tat a long
Kiss Kiss bye :) 


  1. Did it again.... I guess you didn't understand my comment in previous post ;-P I meant that I was stringing beads on to shuttles as you had instructed in order to tat along :-) Thanks for day 2.

    1. Oh I am sorry I think I got confused, it doesn't take much for me to get that way 😃

  2. Shuttles ready, I will be doing mine later, it's breakfast time here in the uk so will be playing later.

    1. Oh great hope I didn't over explain this it's not that much but several little things

  3. Thank you for the tutorial, maybe I can do it in macramè.
    have a good day

    1. Oh yes,that would be perfect! 😃🧡🐟🧡

  4. Olá amiga!
    As meninas, que fazem este tipo de trabalho.
    Devem estar muito feliz, com suas explicações.
    E muito bom, quando alguém possa lhe ajudar.
    Gostei do tutorial.

    1. Thank you I hope you will be able to learn how to tat, I enjoy you stopping by :)


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