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Friday, June 8, 2018

Satisfied With Last Round in Doily

It came down to 2 choices, of entering and existing out of the cluster of rings to flowers I chose the second one on the right.

Almost done, one more flower ring to go, and a cluster to snip off that left on from a trial practice.  This will complete the doily!

Close up of final round.
Instructions below. 
every thing is a 6 double stitch count between picots around flower,(entering to make the cluster next) make a 10 ds, picot with a flip over if you can,and 7picot 7 then a ring attaching to last rounds chain next to the ring  (ring with 5 picots) the ring consists 6 ds attach to picot on chain and then 4ds then attach to first picot in ring, 4 ds and P close ring six attach to the last picot of chain the 6ds and attach and start your next ring (6+4+4p6)  making chains of 6ds p 6ds continue till done and then climb out with two 7ds then the 10ds and you have existed out and now encircling next flower.   

Well have fun and a great weekend coming up!  


  1. It's so beautiful!!! :) Perfect for summertime!! :)

  2. Very pretty ! I like how you worked it out!!!

  3. Thanks to you three I am learning from this

  4. The transition you chose is a lot nicer than the other one. I like how the doily is going.

  5. Lovely flowers! The color is very beautiful and summery.

  6. Olá amiga!
    Que toalhinha maravilhosa.
    Seu trabalhinho está sensacional.

  7. Such neat tatting and the thread also compliments the pattern

  8. Very beautiful doily, yours has worked up so well, not got as far with mine as I wanted to on holiday. Hope mine will look as good as yours

    1. I think yours will, I feel I mess up the middle with changing my stitch count. :)


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