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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chatelaines and Purse Update!

A friend (Tally Tatty) told me about how she was making a chatelaine, thought about it for a while and realize how this is an excellent idea!  Now I don't misplace my crochet hook or scissors!
Don't know why they when out of style! 
My strawberry bag is big enough for rings, but I really place a balloon in it, to pull those end threads through! 
I have more than one, my husband made the leather necklace, this holds a whistle for emergence's or to break up a fight:) I did make the hooks too by gluing the hook into the bead. 
 After mignonette is done a series of ring of 4ds and 3p all connecting, with a chain of 5ds p 5ds.
The pins show they pattern the rings lay in the mignonette which is ring, ring, 2 rings, ring ring till end.
I recommend placing pins to mark your place that 2 rings go, I never made a mistake on this round!

This was not ironed
 and comes out so nice and lays flat. Now off to make another!


  1. Chatelaines, purses, shuttles... you've been busy!

  2. lavori sempre interessanti.complimenti.......

  3. grazie carolyn dei bei commenti che mi lasci,,,vorrei risponderti in privato ma non trovo la tua mail....intanto complimenti per i tuoi bei lavori ...

  4. I love the purse!! It is a little beautiful doily in its own right. Thank you for pushing me to make that Chatelane. Ok , I'll do it tomorow!!!LOL

  5. Good idea, the chateleine! The bag is looking wonderful. Love the colours.

  6. ciao carolyin, uso questo sistema fino a che non ho la tua mail....ti ringrazio per il bel ricordo della tua mamma e per il significato del ferro di cavallo...

  7. Thankyou for commenting on the crazy block, you ask what I do with them. I have just started framing some of the completed ones and am going to put them on the wall.


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