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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Change of Color for Purse Instructions

After the mess with 4 different colors on 4 shuttles, time to add the next round.

There are 4 larger rings that connect with 2 picots, you should have 24 rings with 24 picots

Now the mignonette tatting with one shuttle begins, making a ring of 2 double stiches connected to picot 2ds and close
you will want to measure 1 cm of length as you go around.
This does not have to be exact but try to be at least.  I stitch the end in, and cut.

when you come all way round jump up like here

The yellow arrow shows the ring I use to find the single ring so each side can be marked where to place 2 rings to expand so can lay flat for next round.
I bought extra safety pins with out coil  and can send the first 4 people some that email me at"".
They are small but great for tatting projects

It looks a little odd on the second round but keep the 1cm length as you can see it slides and straightens out
by this third round you increase the length to 1.3 at the least and try to keep it close to that by checking your guess every so often.

This is the last row of mignonette tatting now and to make purse we need two. will show next step in next post
Even if you don't make this purse I thought you would enjoy seeing how it's done! 


  1. Looks lovely, and I will look forward to seeing how you make the purse.

  2. WOW! What a lovely color combination.

  3. I missed the first post about this, but that first photo made me go back and read up on it. It is a beautiful piece, I love the colors you used on this one!

  4. Absolutely I want to see how it's done! Lovely colours.

  5. Beautiful colors! Especially on this denim background

  6. I like your use of color. It makes it so much easier to see what you're doing!

  7. P.S. - I love the flat shuttles at the top of your page!

  8. I love mignonette tatting and this is a beautiful example if it. Great colours.
    Fox : )


  9. Thank you all for the support, I can't remember the official colors once again cause the tags slide out but I have got black and brown and the whitish one is ecru and the other is light beige It's those two I not sure of :\ I welcome any suggestions on how to keep color with thread.


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