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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Distracted Messes Things Up!

Had fun but when to fast, skipped a petal and inside beads on  The "daisy pattern" from Tat Heaven Oh yea and button too big.


  1. We don't celebrate Halloween in Southern Africa but I hope you enjoy yours!

  2. Made me laugh to myself, brilliant.

  3. Well done, lovely to see the daisy tatted by someone else. I to have missed one of those very small picots and ended up with one less petal, very easierly done especially when in a hurry.

  4. Lovely flowers,
    I have had a good laugh, thank you for sharing your great picture.

  5. carollyn, how did you make the yellow flower? How did you bring in the beads?
    Superb to sew on fabric , surrounded by embroidered leaves!

  6. I made too many petals on the yellow flower, That was just an idea I was working on the size 3 is too big for the little beads so I just took size 20 thread and a sewing needle and filled the button first with the smaller beads then with a hook I added the yellow thread and chained 4ds and 12ds with large picots in between all 12, then 4ds and that ended a petal, next one you just join at first picot, should make 8 petals next time. Oh almost forgot I added a large bead at half way point of fluffy picots, by sliding it down. It's yellow at top of petal if you can see it.


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