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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Cluny by Dagmar Pezzuto

There is a class that Bella online offers and I am having trouble logging in, I think I have to many cookies, Yes in real life and in cyber space, I will seek further instruction later on tonight.  But I can't wait, so I love this 2 color cluny  and can see many things like bugs wings, tigers, etc. It's great fun for me, you all know I love cluny style, and Dagmar Pezzuto opens up a whole new world, with 2 colors. Thanks to Georgia Seitz bringing this to my attention!

Love the stripes 

In the making, this is pumpkin spice? I think and black size 20 and color 100 is the number, I  changed the pattern slightly, my beads were little larger. and wanted to hang differently where  I added a black leather cord. 


  1. Nice design and great colors!! :)

  2. Looks pretty cool! Those stripes changes then a lot.

  3. pretty, you do very good Clunys.
    Those turquise beads really pop against the colors of thread

  4. Wow, I love it! Great colours, great stripes!

  5. Lovely ClunIes, and with stripes well done

  6. Ti ringrazio per la tua presenza assidua sul mio blog, ti ringrazio per i tuoi commenti, accetta le mie congratulazioni per i tuoi lavori, Mariangela

  7. Wow, good job! I love the colours you've used, and the stripey effect is really interesting.

  8. Thank you to all, I had fun with this.

  9. You never cease to surprise me!! Now, at last,I understand why you call yourself Madtatter!! Love your pumpkins! LROFL
    No, you don't have too manu coockies on your computer LOL!
    Great stripes , but the combination of colors is not my taste.
    Do you have an URL?

    1. Oh these are very bright and more of a Halloween effect.

  10. Clunies seem so difficult so I can't imagine creating them to have that lovely striped effect! Tatting is evolving too quickly for me to catch up!

  11. Oh I happen to like cluny's but there are other things in tatting, I feel have left me behind. I did a video on you tube under madtatter80, I changed it so it not so hard on my hands.


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