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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I don't know anymore, my dreams are all tied in knots! Bad Knots!

I saw pineapples and thought wow what a good idea! I visited West Pine Creations where she completed Cornelia (beautifully I might add)   and still saw my pineapples! 
 Then I receive thread in the mail, Size 80, What was I thinking, I only do that If I know what I am doing a time tested pattern tried and true! Throwing caution to the wind, who cares, I go so fast any way! Besides, I want to see the Pineapples now! I had one other hurtle. I seemed to notice and confirm with W.P.C.  that the instructions have flaws, three major ones and that includes the starting point. So I fixed that and ran with it!
Well family said it doesn't look like a pineapple! What!  Heart is broken, and with sadness I might give up. Unless you all think, if I did the green rings under the ball in yellow that would resemble a pine apple,I just may try it again. Oh yes, and not make any mistakes (or fix them)in the pattern so it looks like the picture. I did just fly with that perfect quilter thread and too much excitement too.


  1. I just love the color combinations and see the pineapples!!! I just LOVE it!!

  2. Oh Thanks I really want to continue, and I think I thought of another way to let people know it's pineapple! I keep you posted! :)

  3. I can see the pineapples in the white version. With the colored version, I think using the yellow for the rings below would add to the look, as pineapples are generally taller then round. I like the color choice.

  4. Excitement is always good!! I do see the pineapples, good job.

  5. well Jane, I remembered one of your challenges were you made the inverted leaves and petals and I am trying that at the top right now. With larger thread now, have mastered the curve of the first three petals and the last three as you tat to curve the opposite way It's looking good and I am going to do it again so the top leaves are longer!

  6. Pineapples or not, it's really lovely. I do see them though and am amazed yet again.


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