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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Decorated Tatted Lace Orniment From Tatting Lace Class

This is the twisted heart decoration, by Patricia L Cobb, I did not finish this one it was last class of the day and I kept spilling my beads everywhere (three times) and decide to just pick them up instead of tatting,
Patricia  was unable to teach and another wonderful lady took her place
I wish I could remember her name.
I did finish today and was explained how to in class along with watching everyone else.  I was totally exhausted and that was fine talking.  I was supposed to make 2 twists but forgot this today at home.

They handed out nice dental floss threaders which is better than this but I still did not purchase them yet so had to revert to old ways :)

It was fun and this is the first part, the bottom is sort of same as top just that long strands of beading work is over.

Well this is how I did the bottom just needed to do two twists but I like it anyway!
Have a wonderful day again!


  1. Looks a bit fiddly to work with all those dangling beads and pins, but the end result is pretty nice!

  2. It's actually not so bad to work with because when you place the long string of beads to the chains they are all laying out flat until you connect the last to the first. Then the underside is same stitch count but just connecting them and there is a satisfying feeling to this. Let's just say I have tatted worse on the fidgety scale than this and the thread is larger than most stuff I work with 😀

  3. So it’s easier than it looks? The result is certainly wonderful.

    1. Yes actually I should have said that way, much less words to type😀

  4. Wow, that really is an achievement, its' going to look wonderful once it is finished. I don't think I would even attempt it.

    1. Your funny, I see all those wonderful things you created on you blog. But it does help to gather with others making it.

  5. It does look complicated, but the results are stunning! Did you see Carolyn Craig's with the double twist? There was plenty of amazing talent at Tat Days!

  6. Yes I was suppose to do that but I forgot too.

  7. That looks fiddly but the result I expect will be amazing,
    I use the dental floss for picking up my beads and putting them in thread, I was sent some from the US, as we can’t get them over here.
    I can see you really enjoyed your time at tat days,

  8. Very nice this project Carollyn, I like it!
    have a good day


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