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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Diane's Snowflake on a Snowball Plant

Yes! I got a lesson from someone I have been wanting to meet for a  long time!
And yes! She is as nice as you would think!

I think my color matched perfectly to this late blooming snowball plant.
If you hadn't been to her page for the pattern 
here is the link below 

It is true she really exist and she signed my pattern.  This was one very happy day!

 Side note, the night before the tatting conference I was able to teach a family member how to tat and she really liked it!

She was air tatting (like Air guitar) as went we went to the car. I was so happy I was able to get to rings.
More wonderful pictures to come in upcoming week!


  1. Oh wow gorgeous snowflake, and to meet Diane she’s someone I would also like to meet, just one problem there’s a great big pond between us.
    Hopefully one day I can come across meet you and Diane, never say never.

  2. Oh wat is dit toch knap zeg, zo fijntjes, zo mooi van kleur.

  3. Lucky you to meet Diane in person! Hooray for a new tatter.

  4. Happy snowflake/ice drop, happy friends, and happy novice :-D

  5. Very, very pretty Ice Drop!!! :)

  6. Meeting and creating tatters is such a wonderful thing. I am glad you enjoyed the tat days and met Diane.


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