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Friday, January 17, 2014

Snowdrop's Book Cover

This is basically, the end result.

Find your book you want to cover turn both top and bottom edge of fabric make sure it's
about 3 inches or 8 cm 

Slide those two edges in one side and then the other, adjust till fitted.

Make sure book closes with cover!
This is how I was taught to cover all school books, just doing this with fabric now!

Remove a press with iron, do not finish edge till motif is sewn down

mark with watercolor pencil
the flower was sewn down, then the tatting with ribbon.
I stitched with french knots in white, to show off white in flower.

Will stitch edge on sides making this a removable cover
Now that the stitching is done, I just turned only the edge that shows when opening the book, not the other edges that are torn I want them to lie flat, so they are not visible underneath fabric on top of book.

Stitch this together for that perfect fit and your done.
cover can be removed and placed back on by bending one book cover backwards a little bit.


  1. This is unique!! You have wonderfull ideas,... And you carry them out!

  2. Beautiful gift, and for showing how you covered the book, very interesting and you have made a beautiful cover with the snowflake.

  3. Very pretty! Much better than the book covers I used to make out of paper grocery bags!

    1. yes those old grocery bags I made so many :) but the were great to draw all over, got to where I pained on them in high school!

  4. That makes for a lovely journal cover. Very pretty.

  5. I like very much your blog and the lovely things you make. You have very good ideas.

    Answering your question most of the times I buy the patterns but othertimes, the less, I draw them by myself. As you can see I like allmost all kind of handcrafts.


    Me gusta mucho tu blog y las preciosas labores que haces. Te agradezco mucho tus comentarios.

    Respondiendo a tus preguntas, te diré que casi siempre compro los picados pero algunas otras veces, las menos, los dibujo yo misma.

  6. Very neat! I do like your snowdrop.

  7. Oi amiga,lindo trabalho bem delicado.
    E livro fica ,bem arrumadinho.
    Adorei a dica.
    Beijos fique com Deus.

  8. Ohh wie schön du das gearbeitet hast. So viel feingefühl und es ist einfach nur wunderschön . Ich bewundere dich immer mehr wie sowas arbeiten kannst.
    Freundliche Grüsse Marlies

  9. thank you for visit, I do want to knit more and enjoy visiting your blog too I have only made one pair of socks and they were baby socks, must get a picture and post one day!

  10. How beautiful!! What a great idea! I love finding new and fun uses for tatting!

  11. I just found this post, and it is an excellent tutorial! This fabric is the perfect background for the beautiful tatted motif! I love the way you used French knots to anchor the picots. A lot of work but well worth it. I thought they were beads!
    I also noticed your comment on the Sew Happy Lace blog, where she displays styrofoam bell forms. I've always used a styrofoam bells as the model over which I 'design' my tatted bells and for shaping them after dipping and blotting them them in the stiffener. The bell forms were easy to find years ago at all the craft stores. It seems these days you have to order them from the internet. I usually use the 3" size, but have other sizes as well. I always cover them first with a piece of plastic wrap (like Saran) so that the stiffened bell is easy to remove when it dries.

  12. So pretty and what a great idea to use tatting.