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Monday, January 27, 2014

Bee Mine, Tatting for Valentines

After seeing  this adorable bee on UMI &TSURU  Blog the bee is found here Martha Ess Bee I thought to would be great to go with the Valentines I was making.  
This is actually a pin cushion for the wrist!
the thread used are all size 20

After cutting out felt heart with room for sewing; words, tatted heart, bee, and stitching together.
I cut the felt for the back and a cardboard so pins don't pass through and hurt your wrist.
Sew elastic to back through cardboard that is lightly glued on.

Now front and back ready!
pattern for my heart can be found here

Sew together can use any kind of stitch and leave opening to stuff.

Finish Sewing together and you are done, I really love the one I made one for my self back in high school and still use it to this day, It looks nothing like this but so handy to have. 


  1. That is so cute! You have added so much detail - I love the buzzing be and the pansy in the heart. Good idea to add the cardboard. I wouldn't have thought to do that until it was too late.

    :) Ann

  2. That is such a lovely Valentine! Love what you did with the bee. Beautiful!

    1. Thank You, I was just trying to put it all together and saw your blog and thought that's what I need :) those bees where fast to make I added more stitches to make them fatter just for fun!

  3. Sweet! The bee is a great finishing touch. My mum had a pin cushion that went on her wrist. Good idea.

  4. Yea I have bought the magnetic one, but like the wrist one better, cause it stays with you!

  5. Great idea, love the bee it finishes it off, great heart, somewhere I saw a few years ago a charity selling heart brooches to wear on your shelve to show you care, they did it for several years changing the designs every year, some people collected them and wore them on their coat shelves showing they care about the charity, well your heart pin cushion worn on the wrist could show you have a heart.

  6. This is a very cute idea!
    A beautifull project!

  7. Yes I saw that to or at least the one for breast cancer they looked beautiful and I wondered if they were a brooch, I am thinking of doing a brooch one too! I have a couple more pincushions I am working on, to display some more hearts!
    I have a book and found some on internet that are absolutely adorable!

  8. It is lovely. Thanks for the bee's pattern link. As son as I have a free hour I have to try.

  9. this really does not take long and I added stitches to make him fatter but love this it really is easy and so cute!

  10. Very, very cute. The bee fits does look good on there, buzzing around the heart flower. Nice idea to put the cardboard in so pins can't go through.

  11. Toda vez que visito seu Blog fico encantada, seus trabalhos são lindos demais, delicados, são preciosos amiga, uma verdadeira joia. Beijos
    Inez Garcez