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Monday, January 13, 2014

Artist Trading Cards

I just found out about these things, not very long ago They are called ATC cards
They are very small and this one is for a birthday swap

It is a great way to practice your skills and have fun!

I like this because you can be yourself, putting things on it you like!

As long as you keep them 3 and 1/2, by 2 and 1/2 inch your good to go!
 (total edge to edge).

Here is a link so you can view some others in the textile world
 Textile Trading Cards 



  1. ATCs are so adorable! A few years ago I thought about trying them, but thinking is as far as I got. Good for you, trying something new!

  2. Totally awesome!!!! :) Love the colors and designs!!! :)

  3. Thank You, I like it a lot, but have to be careful, because the size is a tad small for me, but then again It only takes a small amount of time.

  4. Beautiful and really interesting! also try the card. I studied your link on the internet and sought something more. I'm interested. Thank you :-)

  5. Cute! those are neat! I have tried Embroidery in the far it hasn't stuck, but those really make me want to try again! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. Well done for trying something new, in the card making world they have been doing for sometime, I am interested in the textile ones, thanks for giving me some inspiration and yes I am up for a swap in June. Will have to get one done by the end of May as we go on holiday in June.

  7. Wonderful ATCs! Followed the link to see all those inspiring pictures. This makes me inclined to try one.

  8. Love these. Ellen at Singtatters has been doin these for years and I have always admired them, but never ventured into this foreign territory.

    Yours are great!
    Fox. : )

  9. Thank you, I belong to that stitching fingers group and they were making these and had pictures. I just thought is was something they invented and then I Goggled it and realized they are done in all mediums, and my son at school had even heard of them.

  10. The snowflake looks gorgeous. I only just noticed the little hidden cluny. and the green is just the right color for a sunny february morning. Great!

    1. Oh thank, you I have reformed the snowdrop again and did the petals differently, I did omit the cluny but may add it back, wait till you see it!

  11. Boa noite querida ,obrigada por sua presença em meu blog ,amei a delicadeza desses trabalhos ,lindos.