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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Round of Corona by Ben Fikkert

I had to change the numbers with this 100 size thread, so it would reach, once that was settled. I got to start.
Hot pink is a quilting thread is only purchased for color and time reasons the lower pink is H H lizbeth, you can see the difference in thread size I hope :)   
This final round is going well I did have to make a couple or corrections with last round of motifs, I connected them wrong and makes a big difference when adding last chain and rings.
I should be done soon I am not half way round!


  1. So thrilling to see this come together, and even more so for you, I imagine. So looking forward to seeing this delicate thing finished! It's already beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. You have a beautiful colors of thread.

    1. Thanks Iza, I had fun with the colors and many colors made this go faster because it did not get boring for me :)

  3. Thanks Pammy Sue I am working all I can. :)

  4. Yes, this round should go relatively fast, now that you have amended the stitch count to suit the thread size, etc. I'm still in awe of size 70/80 & can't even imagine tatting in size 100 ! My finest will have to remain size 40 - I can't afford to lose my eyes or eyesight, can I ;-P
    Once this is over, you can jump on to newer projects - which doily is it going to be next - eager to see :-)

  5. I do like 40 and it is a lacy size to use and sometimes when I make a ring with out picots I close my eyes sense I have to make 10 ds. and join then do 10 more and I set a lamp and use reading glasses I look up and try to focus on things in the room so I don't loose my eyes but I know what you mean.

  6. Gosh that is fine thread, well done my eyes would not let me tat that fine,
    You are doing a wonderful job with that pattern and I look forward to seeing it finished.

  7. It will be,a show stopper. Well done!


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