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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Before the Snow Flakes Begin.....

Here is something I am working on, My son and husband said it is better this time around, so it is a work in progress.
It's a tiny framed Madonna
I'll be perfecting this and evening up the filigree frame,
and that a picture of me in black and white and one of my sons and a daughter kissing him years ago

Please don't forget to save your hands and stretch them out while doing all your handy work!
give them a good 60 seconds often!


  1. I love your Madonna! This a pattern that I really would like to have!!. You look pretty and sweet on the right, over there!

  2. Thank you both, and I am writing it down. Just fixing a couple of things first :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder about stretching. The Madonna looks lovely, interesting idea.