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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy :) (Collar)

I lost a lot of pictures that show I placed tatting on a pattern piece as a guide.  Tatting around the edge first. 
Then filling it in with random motifs.
Then it is easier to make second for other side.

Then the back

attach to a plain sweater
Then wear!
 Yes I am hiding behind the baby!


  1. Great collar! Next time, please don't hide behind the baby... I want to see your whole smile! :-)

  2. Yes, don't hide behind the baby, we can't see you or your splendid collar properly! Beautiful work. Not so easy either.

  3. Thank you all, I was teasing about how easy it was. The hardest part was that angle where the collar points. It's size 20 thread, and I had sample mistake pieces, that I placed inside to see what to do next. And a lot of times I used a small crochet hook when a picot was never there and needed to be.

  4. Nice meeting you and your lovely family, imagine there will be 2 more babies soon :) What a lovely collar.. It looks très chic on that black sweater! And not old fashioned at all. In vintage magazines, tatted lace always looks so old fashioned!!

  5. Very good point you make on fashion, I like this collar so much I wanted to remove the collar in the end of winter, and place it on a light color for summertime. I have had this sweater second winter now and the tatting holds up.

  6. ohhhhh. carolyn..mi erano sfuggiti i tuoi ultimi lavori....splendidi...soprattutto particolare il collo...hai reso la camicetta raffinatissima...

  7. Thank you for all the complements :)