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Saturday, July 27, 2013

One granddaughter second tatted bonnet

 Made this sweet bonnet with larger thread size 20, her new born bonnet was size 80.  Now that she is older a durable stronger size is nice too.  My daughter acclimated her to wearing  hats and bands by keeping her in those pretty bands since she was born. I was amazed. she kept the bonnet on very long time. I was unhappy my children didn't like hats and I see that I never got them used to them from the start.
Bonnets that are tatted are very light, and a lot or babies don't mind them The dress has some tatting on the pockets and bought the collar on E bay a while ago, I do admire all kinds of lace.    
Little Daphne came this summer with her brother and mom and we all had a wonderful time. Her mom say's this makes a great 4th of July outfit cause she looks like Betsy Ross, the woman with creative talent to make the American Flag.  She impressed them all with her quick and easy way to cut out a 5 pointed star.  If you have the want to make the bonnet it goes by faster than you think all the netting goes by quickly and a doily for the back.  I used a Bonnet that was sewn and very plain for the size I wanted, and laid the one shuttle strip at the front across the fabric bonnet.  This was fun and easy to do that when I was done I made a second with the size 80 after a purchased a new born size bonnet.  And a third pink one.  (Buying a pattern would have worked to Ha Ha)
 This is the collar from bought for outfit.
 Hard to see but this is strip that the shuttle is on, then I tat that to the little piece at top by counting and dividing spaces on strip with available picots on back of head piece.  (pink in size 80)    
 This is closer view of the strip sorry I was selling shuttle and this can be distracting (That large tatting by fish tail was on of my first tatting I ever did part of an angel unfinished). 
The size 80 bonnet, later when on baby I took a tuck and stitched it down just where ribbon goes at bonnet bottom edge. This fitted it more to her head but this could have been done just when weaving ribbon in too.


  1. Gorgeous bonnets!!! :) And such an adorable model!! :)

  2. Your granddaughter is adorable, and she's the perfect model for the bonnet!

  3. deliziosa la cufietta

  4. Wow. I'm amazed at the work that goes into this. Exquisite.

  5. Your Granddaughter is charming. Lovely tatting !!

  6. Beautiful grand daughter and a lovely model for gorgeous bonnets. Well done that look lovely

  7. Such a beautiful bonnet! Lucky granddaughter to receive not one but two! I'm glad that she wears it, it's great that it's put to use instead of hiding in a cupboard.

  8. Wonderful tatting! Adorable granddaughter! An heirloom bonnet that she will treasure!

  9. Beautiful tatting! Very nice on your granddaughter.

  10. Dear Carollyn,
    I did not answer you immediately as I was very emotional when I saw your granddaughter's pictures! She has very beautiful eyens, just like her mothers, and she wears her bonnet with dignity,doing you justice. What a nice 4th of July you must have had. Did she walk in a parade?
    You should become an adviser in historical dresses in holywood !


  11. Oh thank you for the complement, the parade was not that great because it rained. But, My daughter and granddaughter plan to dress up for Halloween in patriotic attire. Daphne will take a little american flag on a embroidery hoop with her. That should be really cute!

  12. Very beautiful and amazing collar ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  13. Thankyou for visiting my blog and admiring my tatting.
    I'm a novice, having only been tatting for a few months but am completely hooked on it and can't wait to pick up my shuttle at any spare moment.
    The bonnet is wonderful and looks beautiful on.
    I love the unusual shuttles, especially the rabbit.
    Look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.
    Briony, u.k.

  14. Lovely bonnet, smart way of making it (and yes, I was distracted by the fabulous shuttles...)

  15. Yes when I get in the shuttle making mood I make some and sell them I have been working on the little rabbit one got a couple started trying to decide if I should place a hook in it.

  16. All great! Congratulations to a good start, very good!
    Sweet and beautiful little girl!


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