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Monday, December 9, 2013

Day of December number Ten!

I really enjoyed these buttons and trying size 80 and using the tiny shirt collar buttons worked well. It was inspired by by the 12th day of December I finally get the flake to look like hers! stay tuned!

As you can see I made a clover using 4ds p 4ds clr and then and 8ds p 8ds clr and then another 4ds  like the first ring, then a chain of 20ds and a ring of 2ds p 2ds continue till 5 p there are 2 clover in each button hole.
This measures 6.5 cm across and the button is looks like 8mm.


  1. It must be very light in size 80 thread, so the button will help it to hang well. Good job!

    1. yes it is light weight but this is not hanging from my tree I have this pretty statue, which I will post later that I hang the frail snowflake on wait till you see!

  2. Wonderful snowflake, size 80thread my eyes are not good enough for size 80 thread but I am in very impressed by your use of buttons.

  3. A beautiful snowflake ..... My snowflake is still a little bit different has 10 rays and only two rings. I added a schema - a nice day :-)

  4. I make the 10 ray snowflake and post it on the 12th day of December, I just like posting the others invented while trying to make yours! :)

  5. Not only are you snowflakes beautiful but the way you photograph them is also amazing

  6. Dearest Madtatter, I don't know whether this is a star or a snowflake, but it looks as if it wants to jump into my arms and hug me!!
    Hug you back!!

  7. ahh thank you, I kinda of have fun with the camera and these are little mistakes as I try to get the flake that is on another blog. I like how they come out, so I just keep trying.