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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snowflake of The Day! Number 8

This one was as fun and done with a small plastic ring
covered the ring is the only change  I made from the "Let it Snow" book.
called "Clouds"
I love to hang the snow flakes from car rear view mirror!


  1. Beautiful snowflake. Love the ice or rain on the windshield in the background. We just had an ice storm here in Texas and I should have photographed my snowflakes with the icy windows in the background. Lovely!

    1. Oh my daughter lives in Texas, and was just telling me about that, and how now she has an ice skating rink in front of her house. It was cold last week when I took this picture but not cold enough to freeze, but today it could!

  2. That's a lovely snowflake, I don't have that book, and it's a gorgeous pattern made with a ring. I love the way you hang it on your mirror. I wonder if hubby would let me do that........ I doubt it

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  5. Wow I messing up this morning with typing, Most people here in U.S. hang all kinds of things from the mirror of the car, If you don't get permission to do that:) they make cool cell phone adapters and place them in there, I do that it's fun to run around with snowflake in phone! I'll post that sometime.

  6. Beautiful snowflake! When I finish the doily, the snowflake books are coming out!

  7. You keep going!! How many would you like to make?

  8. Well I accepted the challenge from Margarets Designer Cards, so got to do one a day, till Christmas, and I have learned a lot and it's given me more Ideas too!

  9. You're going along so quickly that I missed this one. It's very pretty and the ring would help it to hang straight in the window.