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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artist Trading Card

I had fun making this one, but now is a good time to talk about the camera!
All  pictures were taken in the same light. but with different color backgrounds!

This reminds me of cherry blossoms I use to see when I was young. 

I feel the blue jeans, and flowers, look closest to the original color.  Even though they are close, the color was still a little pale to real life.  It is dark out side now, but mostly I enjoy an out side cloudy day the best for true color!


  1. delizioso il ricamo
    interessante la riflessione sullo sfondo delle varie foto

    1. I am an armature at taking pictures, but there is a lesson in here somewhere, I can see where different ones could be used in an advertising way.

  2. Lovely tree, I think the best picture is the one in the flowers. Your French knots are lovely and yes it does look like cherry blossoms

  3. Thanks I do so love the flowers with the picture and feel it is the best one too thanks, I was wondering what others think :)

  4. This is Richard and I wanted to brag on Carollyn for a minute. The tree is fabulous, she mad the trunk by twisting different colors of floss together then stitching them to the background. This gives it a variegated look just like a real tree, such imagination and creativity... wow.


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